Race, Space and Place unConference comes to VCU November 15-17

The unConference is the inaugural convening of scholars, students, practitioners, artists, curators and community members interested in reimagining scholarship, community and impact in the digital age.
Race, Space, and Place Initiative, RSPI@VCUSOCY

The Race, Space, Place Initiative (RSPI) is a multi-year community of thought and practice on race, racism, space and place in the digitally-mediated society to be convened at Virginia Commonwealth University.

The unConference is a partnership between RSPI, the Institute for Contemporary Art, the Department of Sociology, the College of Humanities and Sciences and the Office of the Provost.

The high point of RSPI’s year-long lecture series is a partnership with the Institute for Contemporary Art. The ICA brings together research, practice, art and experience. This interactive event upends the traditional academic conference format by inviting attendees to experience data and research through all of their senses while playing an active role in the production of the event.

An unConference is an event where "attendees actively create the agenda with the assistance of a skilled facilitator where all the sessions become relevant and engaging" (unconference.net).

What does a social problem feel like? How does a data point sound? How will progress taste?

The RSPI unConference is a two-day event (November 15-17, 2019) where presenters and attendees will collaborate on cutting-edge practices united by a single theme. The 2019 theme is “DATUM.”

DATUM is a single piece of information, as a fact, statistic or code. It is the singular of “data.” Data have become the basic units of understanding for our increasingly complex, digitized world. We talk about the data we produce through various technologies; the way polities surveil citizens using data systems; we worry about social implications of data that can reshape reality before our very eyes. But data are not the basic building blocks of understanding in our society. Its root word, DATUM, is an invitation to critically interrogate the historical, social and political forces that shape our current society.

View the call for proposals and submissions information.

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