Position descriptions requested for Work-Study Research Assistantship Program

The VCU Work-Study Research Assistantship Program (WRSA) was designed to give undergraduates the opportunity to gain insight into the research process while providing assistance to faculty mentors and research groups.
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The UROP collaborates with the VCU Work Study Office to utilize federal work-study funds to support undergraduate research assistants for VCU mentors. We are asking mentors to submit a position description that outlines your expectations of a UROP WSRA.

All positions must give the students direct experience with research or scholarship, at a level that is consistent with the student's skills and interests. These are not intended to be secretarial or other administrative support positions. It is expected that a UROP federal work-study research assistant is treated as a full member of the research group or creative team.

A good position description includes approximately five sentences describing the project and qualifications for the position, includes specific tasks and duties, uses reasonably nontechnical language geared toward undergraduate students, includes contact information in case a student has direct questions about the position and includes the location at which the research will take place.

After submitting a position description, UROP will post RA positions to the Handshake website and publicize the position via its own website. The Handshake position number will be sent within a week of posting. It is also recommend that information for the position is shared with students, but please be sure to communicate work-study eligibility requirements. The position can be announced in class, and the description can be sent through your department student listserv. Make sure to include the Handshake position number with the description. All students must officially apply through Handshake to be hired under federal work-study requirements.

For more information, please contact Sarah Golding, Ph.D.

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