Seed and Catalyst Awards: Request for Proposals

The program is established specifically to foster the development of successful grant proposals and nationally or internationally peer-reviewed scholarly and/or creative works.
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The College of Humanities and Sciences is pleased to announce we will be supporting the Seed and Catalyst Award program again this year. This will be the third year of the program and to-date, CHS has supported more than 40 applications. Faculty who are awarded Seed and Catalyst Awards are asked to submit reports detailing outcomes from projects and next steps. It has been exciting and rewarding to see how these pilot funds have led to important scholarly works and larger grant proposals.

The proposals are brief and will be submitted to RAMS-SPOT. Click on internal opportunities (top left-hand corner) and search for OP00000237 (Catalyst Award) and/or OP00000238 (Seed Award).

We anticipate being able to support up to two Catalyst Awards and up to 12 Seed Awards. Proposals are due January 15, award notices will be made by March 15 and new awards will start on July 1.

The diversity of scholarship within CHS is one of our greatest strengths and the real word impact of the work is incredible. We hope this program continues to facilitate the development and evaluation of innovative ideas that positively impact society and our community.

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