Ad Hoc Committees


Budget Advisory

  • Hayley Darwin, World Studies
  • Cindy Finefrock, Math
  • Mike Southam-Gerow, Psychology
  • Cristina Stanciu, English
  • Derek Johnson, Biology
  • Mychal Smith, Chemistry
  • Allie Reckendorf, Political Science

Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Strategic Goals

  • Anita Nadal, World Studies
  • Lucy Hudson, Psychology
  • Levi Waters, Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies
  • Lee Franco, Kinesiology and Health Sciences
  • Charlene Crawley, Chemistry
  • Bernard Moitt, History
  • Fernando Tenjo, Biology

Graduate Student Ph.D. Funding

  • Christopher Gough (co-chair), Biology
  • Jennifer Rhee (co-chair), English and MATX
  • Terri Sullivan, Psychology
  • Anette Loughran-Fjeldstad, Kinesiology and Health Sciences
  • Angela Reynolds, Statistics and Operations Research
  • Joseph Reiner, Physics
  • Maryanne Collinson, Chemistry
  • Paul Perrin, Psychology

Promotion and Tenure Pandemic Response

  • Christopher Burdett (co-chair), Political Science
  • Christine Cynn (co-chair), Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies
  • Paula Rodriguez Miguelez, Kinesiology and Health Sciences
  • Jason Reed, Physics
  • Bizhan Khodabandeh, Robertson School
  • Sherif Moussa, Chemistry
  • D'Arcy Mays, Statistics and Operations Research
  • Gabriella Leon-Perez, Sociology

Vision and Planning

  • Tracey Dawson Cruz, Forensic Science
  • Corey Martin, Psychology
  • Mignonne Guy, African American Studies
  • James Fritz, Philosophy
  • Heather Lennon, Dean's Office, Sponsored Programs
  • Rocio Gomez, History
  • Matt Hartman, Chemistry
  • Erich Damm, Biology
  • Douglas Kimemia, Political Science