Staff Profile: Melina Bezirdjian, School of World Studies

When you first meet Melina Bezirdjian, the first thing you might notice about her is her nails.
Melina Bezirdijian

A passionate nail art enthusiast, her nails have been every shade in the rainbow. (In fact, you can see some of her designs on her Instagram account BlingTalons.)

Melina joined the School of World Studies last year as the web liaison and marketing director, and she spends most of her days online—sharing events on social media, cleaning up website copy, and crafting alumni and student profiles. “I'm proudest of creating these profiles, not only because they've driven traffic to our site and increased engagements on social media, but because its allowed me to personally connect with our community and connect current students with alumni who can inspire or guide them,” she says.

And Melina has even bigger plans for the SWS website. “I'd like [the website to] reflect just how valuable studying the humanities is. While STEM majors seemingly have a more straightforward professional path, there's so much our alumni have gone on to do both locally and abroad,” she explains. “Furthermore, I'd like our site to reflect how much we offer not just our students and alumni, but Richmond at large. Our department puts on so many events with a global focus that are open to the public and often free. After all, it was our French program that brought Richmond the French Film Festival!”

Some other fun facts about her: Melina is an alumna of Barnard College and holds a master's degree in historic preservation from the University of Oregon. She’s also a self-proclaimed gym rat and you can find her working out most days of the week.

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