Submit Your Proposal

With a developed idea and funding opportunity in hand it is time to start the grant writing and proposal submission process. The CHS Sponsored Programs Office (CHS-SPO) encourages faculty to notify our office of their intent to submit as early as possible! All proposals, regardless of how big or how small or whether or not they include or exclude indirect costs, must be submitted through CHS-SPO. If you are unsure whether the award qualifies as a gift or grant, please email and a staff member will provide assistance. You can also consult VCU’s sponsored agreements and gifts policy for guidance. 

Faculty must, at minimum, notify the CHS-SPO of their intent to submit three weeks or 15 business days in advance of the sponsor deadline, if your proposal does not include external subawards, and 20 business days, if your proposal does include subawards. At the three-week mark CHS-SPO anticipates that the proposal is nearing completion. If this is not the case then careful consideration will be given to whether or not the proposal can move forward or should be delayed until the next available due date. Please review this short presentation providing an overview of the CHS-SPO proposal submission procedures [PDF].

Faculty are welcome to email the CHS-SPO at with questions or requests for assistance at any point along your development timeline. Explore the timeline below for how our office can help. We look forward to supporting you in your sponsored research and scholarship endeavors! 

Notify us of your intent to submit a proposal today!