Staff profiles

Staff Profile: Kathleen Murphy, Department of History
When asked what Kathleen Murphy, administrative coordinator in the Department of History, enjoys the most about her job, she is quick to respond.
Juliana Rasnic
Staff Profile: Juliana Rasnic, Dean's Office
If there is one thing Juliana Rasnic wants you to know it’s that her team does so much more than just help students pick classes.
Kenya Gage
Staff Profile: Kenya Gage, Dean's Office
“Grace under pressure” is Kenya Gage’s personal mantra.
Melina Bezirdijian
Staff Profile: Melina Bezirdjian, School of World Studies
When you first meet Melina Bezirdjian, the first thing you might notice about her is her nails.
Pamela Williams
Staff profile: Pamela Williams, Robertson School of Media and Culture
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Pamela Williams, executive assistant for the Robertson School of Media and Culture, knows this to be true.
Will Moran
Staff Profile: Will Moran, Department of Biology
Will serves as Staff Council president, a role that allows him to work directly with CHS leadership to plan and enact change for the staff community.