Staff Profiles

greg patterson
Staff Profile: Greg Patterson, Department of English
Greg Patterson serves as the office administrative assistant for the Department of English.
letter tiles that spell out the word welcome
CHS welcomes new staff this spring
CHS is pleased to welcome Shanika Chattar, Christen Edwards, Melody Falter, Brendan O’Keefe, Donielda Tripp-Leino and Michael Washington.
calla talman with her husband and two children
Staff Profile: Calla Talman, Office of Student Services
Calla Talman works as a senior academic advisor for the Departments of Physics, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and Statistical Sciences and Operations Research.
felicia harris
Staff Profile: Felicia M. Harris, Sponsored Programs Office
Felicia M. Harris works in the Dean’s Office as the director of Sponsored Programs.
riley cain holding a dog next to the v.c.u. mascot rodney the ram
Staff Profile: Riley Cain, Dean's Office
Riley serves as officer of annual giving in the CHS Development and Alumni Relations office.
arda athman giving the peace sign with their fingers
Staff Profile: Arda Athman, Dean's Office
Arda serves as the social media and events specialist after previously working in the Department of Sociology.
tonya hall and ashley jones
CHS welcomes new staff for January '23
CHS is pleased to welcome Tonya Hall and Ashley Jones.
hariet cosey-parker, gavin holdgriewe and elizabeth ochsner
CHS welcomes new staff for winter 2022-23
CHS is pleased to welcome Harriet Cosey-Parker, Gavin Holdgreiwe and Elizabeth Ochsner.
Mary Bridgman, Grace Devries, and Chris Hutchinson
CHS welcomes new staff for June '22
CHS is pleased to welcome Mary Bridgman, Grace Devries and Chris Hutchinson.
Natasha Long
Staff Profile: Natasha Long, Robertson School
Long serves as the principal administrator for advising and student services for the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture.
Deborah Butler
Staff Profile: Deborah Butler, Center for Cultural Experiences in Prevention
"I think what I really love is trying to make a difference in the life of disenfranchised youth and young adults."
dae newman
Staff Profile: Dae Newman, African American Studies
Newman is the department assistant for AFAM, as well as an alum, graduate student and community activist.
Jo Murphy
Staff Profile: Jo Murphy, Forensic Science
Murphy’s contributions to VCU were recognized recently when she received the President’s Service Excellence Award, which is awarded to four individuals who provide exceptional service and support to the VCU community.
Danielle Hairston
Staff Profile: Danielle Hairston, Human Resources, Dean's Office
Hairston says relationship building is one of her favorite parts of the job.
Philathea Cole seated in front of chair.
Staff Profile: Philathea Cole, Dean's Office
Philathea is a project coordinator in undergraduate academic affairs.
Melanie Barnes
Staff Profile: Melanie Barnes, Assistant to the Chair, Department of Sociology
When the VCU Rams made the Final Four in 2011, Melanie Barnes jumped on the chance to chaperone students on the bus trip to Houston. Little did she know that a chance encounter would change the trajectory of her career.
Brian Barnstein
Staff Profile: Brian Barnstein, Department of Biology
“What I love most about my work is that I enjoy doing basic science research and having an opportunity to work with graduate students.”
Melissa Siebert
Staff Profile: Melissa Siebert, Academic Adviser
“Students can feel disconnected here. VCU is a big, urban campus. One thing that advisors can offer is a touch point, whether that’s keeping students on track, coming up an overall academic plan, or just getting them across the graduation finish line.”
Lucy Hudson
Staff Profile: Lucy Hudson, Department of Psychology
The path to higher education isn’t always an easy one. For Lucy Hudson (B.S. ‘04/GPA, B.A. ‘08/H&S, M.Ed. ‘11/E), who grew up in rural Emporia, the idea of attending college was exciting but nerve-racking.
Monique Morton
Staff Profile: Monique Morton, Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences
Monique Morton, a graduate of the VCU School of Business, wears many hats in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences (also known as HPEX).
Kathleen Murphy with students
Staff Profile: Kathleen Murphy, Department of History
When asked what Kathleen Murphy, administrative coordinator in the Department of History, enjoys the most about her job, she is quick to respond.
Juliana Rasnic
Staff Profile: Juliana Rasnic, Dean's Office
If there is one thing Juliana Rasnic wants you to know it’s that her team does so much more than just help students pick classes.
Kenya Gage
Staff Profile: Kenya Gage, Dean's Office
“Grace under pressure” is Kenya Gage’s personal mantra.
Pamela Williams
Staff profile: Pamela Williams, Robertson School of Media and Culture
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Pamela Williams, executive assistant for the Robertson School of Media and Culture, knows this to be true.