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New Faculty Resources

General Faculty Resources

  1. National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity: Take advantage of our university membership to the NCFDD. It offers a weekly email—usually about research productivity—and a lot of workshop opportunities.
  2. Read the mission, vision and core values for the College along with the College’s strategic plan - written by faculty!
  3. Check out the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence and sign up for their newsletter. Take advantage of their workshops - these will help you develop as a faculty member.
  4. University and College promotion and tenure guidelines 
  5. Office of the Provost faculty resources
  6. Visit the New Employee page on the VCU Human Resources website for more information on getting started in your new role.

Class Preparation Resources

  1. VCU Academic Calendar: Know the dates for the academic calendar. Put important dates on your syllabus. VCU Academic Calendar
  2. VCU Honor System: Get familiar with the Honor system: The VCU Honor System policy describes the responsibilities of students, faculty and administration in upholding academic integrity. According to this policy, "Members of the academic community are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards of academic honesty, ethics and integrity at all times." Students and faculty are expected to read the policy in full and learn about its requirements.
  3. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): Avoid sharing or releasing information about students. Unless FERPA permits a certain disclosure, VCU generally requires consent from a student to disclose information from their education record to another individual. This now includes sharing of the student’s mailing address or email address with entities outside of VCU.
  4. Syllabus statements: From the Office of the Provost

Useful and Hard-to-Find Links

  1. Honor Violation Reporting Form: To report an honor code violation
  2. Incident Reporting Form: To report a distressed student (i.e., a student about whom you are concerned for health or safety reasons)
  3. To download a class list with contact information (emails) or with photos, you need to go to the Reporting Center. For this you need VPN access (which you will likely need at some point in the future). For the Reporting Center, go to the myVCU portal and look under General Resources. Once in the Reporting Center, look for the Faculty folder.