Enrollment and Retention Task Force

In October 2022, Interim Dean Catherine Ingrassia charged the Enrollment and Retention Task Force with identifying patterns and challenges in enrollment and retention. Specifically, the task force was asked to examine four things: 

  1. DFW patterns (across discipline, course number, demographic, course modality, etc.)
  2. Persistence within modalities (both modality of delivery and the length of course [mini-mester v long semester])
  3. Enrollment patterns within major (correlated with the two items above)
  4. Pivot points in which we fail to retain students

Based upon this information, the task force has made recommendations to address the enrollment and retention crisis facing the College. This report is the culmination of their work, but the taskforce will continue to address the issues of enrollment and retention as we work to implement the recommendations in the report.

If you have comments, suggestions, or thoughts, please complete the Enrollment Task Force Feedback Form [Google Form].

Name Title Department
Chris Burdett Assistant Professor Political Science
Sally Hunnicutt Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs (Science and Mathematics) Chemistry
James Mays Associate Professor Statistical Sciences and Operations Research
Ryan O'Hallahan Advisor Department of History
Debbie Polo Assistant Professor, Director of Student Learning Outcomes Chemistry
Krista Scott Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs Dean's Office
Scott Sherman Associate Professor, Associate Director Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture
Sachi Shimomura Associate Professor, Associate Chair English
Robert Wieman Assistant Professor Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

The Enrollment Crisis and a Path Forward for the College [PDF]

Prepared for Interim Dean Catherine Ingrassia, February 2023

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