Promotion and Tenure Committee

Each department in the College supplements the criteria and procedures in the College guidelines to reflect any additional concerns of the department and the discipline. The College’s promotion and tenure committee is responsible for reviewing departmental guidelines and forwarding them to the faculty council of the College for final action. The faculty council is then responsible for final approval of documents before their implementation. All departmental documents, along with copies of the university and College guidelines are available to all faculty members of the department.

  • Nicholas Frankel, 2022-25 (English)
  • James Mays, 2022-25 (Statistical Sciences and Operations Research)
  • Christopher Stevenson, 2021-24 (World Studies)
  • Kevin Allison, 2021-24 (Psychology)
  • Marilyn Bishop, 2022-23 (Physics)
  • Catherine Sutton, 2022-25 (Philosophy)
  • Dewey Taylor, 2022-25 (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics)