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Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

Equity, diversity and inclusion. These are more than just three words expressing commitment.

They are integral to our experiences and actions within the College of Humanities and Sciences. Commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion promotes experiences and fuels behaviors that support a welcoming and affirming environment for students, staff and faculty. Whether diversity is based on perspectives, life experiences, cultural backgrounds, social identities and other unique expressions, it makes for a better place to work, to teach and learn, to conduct research and to engage with our local community.

Equity is also expressed in our commitment to and mutually respectful engagement with our local community that has historically faced social inequities in education, health, employment and housing.

We are especially committed to increasing equity for underrepresented minority groups and other protected identities that have historically experienced inequity and lack of representation in higher education.

  • Appointment of the inaugural interim associate dean of diversity and community engagement
  • Development of faculty and staff EID professional development guidelines
  • Appointment of CHS Equity and Diversity Strategic Goals Ad Hoc Committee:
    • Charlene Crawley, IDEC representative and Chemistry
    • R. Lee Franco, Kinesiology and Health Sciences
    • Lucy Hudson, Psychology
    • Bernard Moitt, History
    • Anita Nadal, World Studies
    • Fernando Tenjo, Biology
    • Levi Walters, Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies
  • Increase in number of diversity and inclusion syllabi statements
  • Increase in number of equity, inclusion and diversity committees in CHS departments
  • IDEC's establishment of the CHS Diversity and Inclusion Awards to honor individuals or groups of VCU administrators, faculty, staff or students who exemplify the importance and commitment to inclusion, diversity and equity
  • IDEC's dialogue series that covered such topics as demystifying disabilities, being black at VCU, stress and women’s leadership
  • Increased outreach to local community organizations and schools
  • New course offering: Race and Racism in America (CSIJ 200) taught by Mignonne Guy, Ph.D., and Amy Rector, Ph.D.
  • New web pages on CHS's three main web properties focused on equity, inclusion and diversity
  • Speaker events focused on race and racism
  • Integration of EID focus within research and teaching initiatives (e.g., Student Success Plan) in College
  • Complete equity, inclusion and diversity strategic goals
  • Include equity, inclusion and diversity statements on all course syllabi
  • Develop guidelines that account for equitable rewards for service
  • Increase faculty participation in inclusive pedagogy, including decolonization of curriculum
  • Implement inclusive hiring practices to increase the number of underrepresented minority staff and faculty
  • Provide increased opportunities for involvement and engagement of CHS staff and faculty to help strengthen social equity in the community
  • Incorporate assessments of faculty (e.g., annual review, promotion and tenure) to account for inclusion and diversity in teaching, service and research
  • Increase student input in equity, inclusion and diversity and community-engaged activities within the College


blanton house at v.c.u.

The College of Humanities and Sciences Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committee (IDEC) highlights, coordinates, promotes and institutes efforts across all CHS units that foster respect, greater understanding, engagement and inclusion of all its members. 

Visit the IDEC web page for more information.

Meet Dr. Belgrave

faye belgrave

Faye Belgrave, Ph.D., is the interim associate dean for equity and community partnerships for the College of Humanities and Sciences.

Learn more about her role in the College.

Key Concepts

We invite you to join us in showing your commitment by practicing these values.

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levi walter receiving assistance with their graduation regalia

four v.c.u. students with bright t-shirts that read 'i love v.c.u.'

Units with Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committees

Contacts: Derek Posser, Ph.D., and Wenheng Zhang, Ph.D.

Contact: Charlene Crawley, Ph.D.

Contacts: Shermaine Jones and Shelli Fowler

Contact: Jo Murphy

GSWS Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The entire department is invested in equity, inclusion and diversity as part of its central mission. Several individuals serve as contacts:

Contact: Marilyn Bishop, Ph.D.

Contact: Alexandra Reckendorf, Ph.D.


Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Highlights

brian smedley
National thought leader in field of health equity to speak at VCU
The event is presented by the College of Humanities and Sciences at VCU and is co-sponsored by the Black Education Association and the College of Humanities and Sciences Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Committee.
a team of advertising consultants working together on a project
Women are changing the advertising industry, and it’s leading to better, more authentic ads
As another Super Bowl comes and goes, a VCU Robertson School panel says improving gender diversity in advertising is leading to better storytelling and more opportunities for underrepresented voices.
levi walter looking at their cell phone and smiling
Staff Profile: Levi Walter, administrative coordinator, Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies
Levi successfully made the jump from student to staff member when they joined GSWS as an administrative coordinator.
ching-yu huang
Connection and inclusion in the (virtual) classroom
Music, coffee hours and a variety of learning activities are a few of Ching-Yu Huang’s strategies for success in the digital space.
michaela friend, v.c.u. class of 2020
Class of 2020: Transfer student Michaela Friend aims to defend the rights of others
An aspiring human rights lawyer, Friend achieved much in her short time at VCU and wants to help those who have been historically marginalized.
caitlin cain
Promoting diversity in the field of chemistry
In 2019, 67 women graduated from VCU with bachelor’s degrees in chemistry, fifth-most in the nation.
a teacher writing on a white board
Teaching about social justice can lead to tense moments. A new book helps educators navigate them.
The book, co-edited by a VCU professor, aims to help teachers better handle challenging topics. “We are going to make mistakes” in being effective allies, Kim Case said. “But we must take the leap.”
gravestone for e.j. reynolds born october 31, 1877 and died september 26, 1913
‘Death and Rebirth’: VCU history professor’s new book reveals the history of Richmond’s cemeteries
“Cemeteries participate in the rawest political drives… . They teach us about power and resistance as much as about spiritual beliefs.”
a doctor taking a patient's blood pressure
Camaraderie, encouragement at core of student-led Black Men in Medicine
The VCU student organization aims to give support to underrepresented undergraduates as they pursue medical school and careers in the field.
Mallory Perryman and Aaron Gilchrist during a virtual forum
Amid the pandemic, journalism grad Aaron Gilchrist continues to deliver the news
At a virtual forum, the VCU alumnus shares his thoughts on adapting during COVID-19, the summer protests, and his personal journey in journalism.
transcripts podcast
New podcast, ‘Transcripts,’ shares stories and struggles of transgender activists across the U.S.
The podcast from the Tretter Transgender Oral History Project at the University of Minnesota is co-hosted by VCU professor Myrl Beam and Minneapolis City Council member Andrea Jenkins.
elementary school student writing at his desk in a classroom
Researchers receive $3.1M grant to investigate the sustainment of mental health programs in schools
A grant from the National Institute of Mental Health will enable VCU researchers to study whether evidence-based mental health programs in schools continue after research support is removed.
Equity and inclusion: our core values

Our diversity makes us stronger as a living and learning community, and we strive to create a College that provides meaningful opportunities for all people and that celebrates diverse experiences, backgrounds and perspectives.

College of Humanities and Sciences