Tools and Resources for Inclusive Learning

An EID Toolkit for Teaching

Author: Judith Crenshaw, Assistant Professor, Robertson School

This toolkit provides practical teaching tips in four categories: syllabi, assignments, classroom interactions and accessibility. Not every suggestion will apply to every instructor across all areas of study— the toolkit is meant to be a wide offering of inclusive teaching tactics and a deep clearinghouse of resources that can be tailored to various topics.

a student in a classroom passing a piece of paper to another student


A list of potential ways to transform a syllabus to a more student-centered document

a professor assists a student with a computer assignment


Options to adapt assignments for more inclusive learning

students reviewing papers with a professor at a classroom podium

Classroom Interaction

Strategies and tactics to facilitate equity and inclusion within classroom interactions

a professor assisting a student with a computer assignment


How to make learning materials accessible to all and meet ADA guidelines