Faculty academic resources for the spring semester

Here are a few reminders and updates as you prepare for classes.
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1. General Faculty Resources: Be sure to bookmark this page. It includes links to additional resources that you may need throughout the semester including forms that are sometimes difficult to locate.

2. Please review the CHS resources related to teaching excellence including an EID Toolkit for Inclusive Teaching practices created by Judith Crenshaw and these sample syllabus statements collected by Dr. Faye Belgrave. The beginning of a new semester is a great time to revisit and update syllabi and other course materials to make sure they foster an inclusive teaching environment.

3. Syllabus: You must follow the university’s syllabus policy and include the syllabus statements. The syllabus statements are listed right on this page, under “Additional Syllabus Resources for Faculty and Students”. You must also submit your syllabus to your department/school so that they have a copy. Every syllabus must include the following items:

  • Course prefix and number, section number, and title
  • Semester term and credit hours
  • Class meeting days/times/location (if applicable)
  • Instructor name, contact information, and office hours
  • University course description (required to be verbatim from the University Bulletin)
  • Course prerequisites, if any
  • Student learning outcomes
  • Required texts and/or course materials
  • Course schedule 
  • Final exam date and time (if applicable)
  • Grading scale
  • Grade categories and weights
  • Link to the VCU Syllabus Policy Statements on the Provost’s Website 
  • The following statement and link: Use VCU Libraries to find and access library resources, spaces, technology and services that support and enhance all learning opportunities at the university. See VCU Libraries.

4. Important dates: Drop/add ends January 22; progress reports ("early alerts") are submitted by February 12; midterm grades are due March 22; the last day to withdraw is March 29; and the final exam calendar is linked here.

5. Participation in the early alert process, especially for students who are not engaged in a course, and reporting midterm grades for all students is a VCU requirement. VCU, in accordance with federal policy for financial aid, has approved a new interim policy for student attendance and engagement. Within two (2) working days after the midpoint of the particular course, each instructor is required to assign a midpoint grade notation of “UF” within eServices to any student enrolled in the course other than a student who is only auditing the course – regardless of the student’s financial aid status if that student has not engaged in any course activities (attended class, completed an assessment, posted to a discussion board, or similar action).

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