Grant Editing

The earlier you connect with the Sponsored Programs Office, the more help you receive.

  • Suggest revisions to grammar, punctuation and formatting consistency
  • Very light proofreading

All previous areas +

  • Read the funding announcement and merit review criteria
  • Review proposal format and headings for accuracy

All previous areas +

  • Check narrative to ensure funding announcement criteria are met with appropriate detail
  • Check mechanics and flow of content based on the funding announcement and review criteria

All previous areas +

  • Multiple reviews and revisions possible
  • Help finding content area reviewers

Please provide documents in Word so comments and reviews can be provided directly into the document. Email today to request grant editing for your proposal!

Constructive feedback is provided through track changes, email and meetings.

  • Email or separate file for high level comments
  • Track changes with questions/comments
  • Conference call or in-person meeting to discuss project/feedback